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Fall Ball

Its Time Once Again To Think Fall Ball!

Here is some Information:


We hope to have 3 levels this year: Juniors / Majors / Minors - it will be based on interest so please indicate your interest as soon as possible

Juniors: Weekend games against D8 towns (Vernon, Tolland, Ellington, Enfield, WL). This level will include any current league age,12 kids. Once we know how many kids with interest we have, we can determine team(s) and relay cost information. If interested please contact Rich Smith ( )

Majors / Minors: Wood Bat League. Weekday games Monday/Wed/Friday at Kealy. Limited /no away games or weekends until playoff. Games are evenings 6pm-8pm and against area towns like Tolland, Willington, Ellington, Somers, Enfield and others. 12-14 games season.  Once we know interest we can determine team(s) and what level. Typically Majors is 10/11 and some younger based on skill level. Minors is 8/9 again if younger based on skill. Cost is $65. If interested please contact Dave Pease ( ) or Jesse Stevens ( )


We hope to get a team together at one of the levels - it will be based on interest, please indicate your interest as soon as possible

Majors/Minors: Traditional fall league, D12 and D8 towns. Home games at Hyde Park, some away games. If Interested please contact Scott Morgis ( ). Once we know how many girls, we can determine team(s) and level, plus relay cost information.


**Important Reminder:  Fall Ball is extra baseball and softball. This is the regular season for soccer, football and other scholastic sports. SLL encourages participation in these sports and our coaches understand that while we try to schedule around these sports as much as possible, if any conflict arises, the player should defer to the regular season sport and ALWAYS to scholastic sports and events.


if you have questions, please let us know

Jim Tantillo

Jesse Stevens


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